Monday, August 1, 2016


All this DNA stuff has added a completely different aspect to genealogy.  For the Y-chromosome, the organizational system is based on genetic markers [snips] that have been titled haplogroups.  As it stands now, A thru T are the letters of the alphabet that have been tagged to the various ethic groups that have been identified.  Some 60,000 years ago [+/- 5000 years] the first genetic mutation occurred which begins the lettering starting with A.  Since then, various geographic and environmental factors have produced a gradual branching of the ethic groups.  The following table listed the various haplogroups that have been identified among the JONES surname who have had their Y-DNA tested.  The data set is taken in 2011, and then in 2016.   In 2011, a study of Y-DNA haplogroups in North Wales was summarized and shown in the line following the JONES surname.  The percent of each haplogroup found is shown to give a comparison to the folks in North Wales. [surnames not identified]  What a deal!  The distribution  among the various haplogrops [by percent] for the JONES surname matches those from North Wales.

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