Saturday, September 10, 2016

How We Got Here

Our Family Trees are a time line of our ancestors.  More branches are added each step up the path, and we can explore further out these doorways as time and determination [also money] will permit.  Last post presented what has become called "haplogroups".  For the JONES surname, these haplogroups, and the percent of each, can be seen.  Now the following tree shows just how these hapogroups arrived.  It is certainly not your usual family tree.  Start at the top and work your way down the blue line marked.

This would begin some 60,000 years ago.  Can you believe it?  The first genetic mutation is thought to have occurred around this time, and it has been down hill ever since.  The blue line then passed down a number of haplogroups to around 30,000 years ago, when our  "R" is thought to get started.  Now, roughly 75% of those with the surname JONES slides down this hill.  The orange colored line shows the haplogroup branches that have also been documented with a surname JONES. [See last post for the percent.]  Wow, this is how we got here.

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